Bachelors party idea it is very important because everyone has to think it over. I also had the great idea I want my bachelorette party to have. So I made some ideas about how my party would be. The first thing that occurred to me was that it would be a nice romantic party, where I would have about ten friends, with whom I would have a nice evening by candlelight and we would tell each other nice stories. But when I told my friend my idea, she laughed with her. She said the bachelorette party must be wild and big and a little luxurious. I was very surprised.

Nice place for party is very important.

I didn`t have this idea at all, so I thought about it. So in the end, we found my friend right. When it`s the last free party, it`s going to be a big and wild party. We will enjoy it a lot and we will laugh and be happy. So I told my friends and they liked the wild idea. The bachelors party idea turned out great. All the girls agreed and I was happy. And so began packing suitcases for the holidays, at the bachelorette party. And we went to the sea, so I packed three swimsuits, bikinis and beautiful summer and beach light dresses, which are very necessary. And the girls took them too. So also took beautiful jewelry, which we all love very much. And do you know how we went there? We went there by plane.

Party must be nice and crazy.

And I have to say that we were very scared at first. We flew the plane for the very first time and I was scared. I was very scared. My friends were already flying, so they had a lot of experience. In addition, they liked the plane very much, so they were not afraid. I also thought I wasn`t going anywhere. He would rather be at home where he is not afraid and where there is no plane. But my bachelors party idea was beautiful and I wanted to do it. But my fear was great. In the end, I overcame it and went on a plane. It was great, after all. I was glad I went because this party was perfect and I will remember it seriously my whole life. I also highly recommend it to you.